Consistently paving new ways

Our principles

Test for the best

Rather than making decisions based on gut feelings, we test – no ifs, ands, or buts – and use data analyses to constantly improve our processes and products. We take an evidence-based approach to solving creative and business-related challenges.

Prices: Fair and transparent.

Rather than creating individual opaque quotations, we bill all our clients the same way for the same services. Regardless of how big the client is or what type of organization it is. We offer a fixed-price guarantee and publish our prices directly on sapera.com.

Automation for good

There are things that algorithms can simply do better than people – so we let them do the work for us. We standardize and automate our processes so that we don’t waste as much time carrying out routine tasks. This leaves us more time to put our human talents to work for our clients.

Constant feedback

We don’t claim to have the perfect solution for everything. For this reason, we ask our clients and employees to provide regular and systematic feedback, even while the collaboration is still going on. For an ideally managed project. And for those who want to hit the mark.

Strength lies within the community.

To us, community has got no limits. We bring creative professionals from around the world together so that they can coordinate and work together using technology to take on the challenges of our clients. Sapera is a place where complex teams form to solve complex problems – simply.

Our purpose

We create an environment where people with the right expertise come together to simply solve complex challenges. To do so, they continuously use new methods and technologies – and embody new values.

What's also important for us

1. Complexity

It’s also about the whole picture

Whenever there are multilayered interrelationships, we always ask ourselves: What kind of complexity are we dealing with? Wherein does the actual challenge lie? Is it about behavioral patterns, habits, and mindsets – that is, cultural complexity? Are methods and processes part of the problem, and do we therefore have to map out the structural complexity? And even when the challenge centers around markets, trends, and the processing of messages, we find answers that allow for a holistic approach.

2. Data

We see opportunities here

It depends on what you make of it, which is why we only analyze data to generate meaning. To test and to automate. To improve processes and products. For our community made up of clients and creatives. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in doing so. There is significant potential in combination with the human component, which is why we use data to inform our work. As part of our data analyses, we always ask ourselves the question: How can we humanize and utilize these data?

3. Diversity

Coming to grips with complexity

No one problem is like another. Finding the ideal solution to complex challenges requires many different experts in evolving combinations. We use intelligent algorithms that use this diversity to create and combine the respectively most suitable experts into nearly perfect teams. Teams for which diversity is a uniting element.

Our Design Expert Ronny Träger works on an Illustration Language

This also includes figures like this one for NÜRNBERGER Versicherung, which can be put together in a modular way.

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