Data visualisations for environmental issues

Sparking interest in scientific subjects? No problem—if you have the right graphics.

  • Client

    German Environment Agency

  • Industry

    Ministries and authorities

  • Year


  • Contributed expertise

    Content, Copywriting, Digital Art, Editing, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographic, Sketching, Storyboarding, Visualization

  • Challenge

    The responsibilities of the German Environment Agency (UBA) include informing citizens about topics relating to the environment and, in doing so, taking into account the agency’s own data. How can the storytelling potential of this data be put to good use with narrative infographics in order to spark interest for the topic with a broad audience?

  • Results

    We reduce the data down to its core messages and translate them into a series of visually appealing infographics. Whether online or in print, these infographics take people on voyages of exploration – and the audience is able to understand the most important relationships and attribute greater relevance to the topic.

Converting the variety of data into infographics

Phase 1


Data is just the beginning

We dive deep into the scientific content so that we are able to translate it accordingly for the visualization.

Phase 2


Phase 3


We set new standards in user-oriented environmental reporting for the German Environment Agency.

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