How close is the world to the abyss?

In the style of a graphic novel, we animate the crucial moments leading up to an atomic detonation.

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    Media and marketing

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    Content, Motion Graphics, Sketching, Storyboarding, Visualization, Copywriting, Digital Art, Editing, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration

  • Challenge

    During the presidency of Donald Trump, the Doomsday Clock is moved forward for the first time since 1953. But a precise protocol has to be followed before it comes to the extreme. We face the challenge of describing the events surrounding the so-called nuclear briefcase as realistically and with as many goosebumps as possible.

  • Results

    Using our research, we design an up-to-date and visually powerful story filled with facts for our In Graphics Magazine. SPIEGEL Online publishes the animated film based on this together with a background article. More than 300,000 readers watch the movie, which leads to more than 10,000 reactions online.

Two minutes to midnight

Phase 1


What’s in the briefcase?

Finding sources is complicated—we are dealing with compassionate information, after all. We conduct research to follow protocol as accurately as possible. What exactly does the red button look like, and who presses it when?

Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


The illustrations bring the research to life.

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