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Partnership on AI

Understanding face recognition, sensing algorithms

We use an interactive visual story to explain how facial recognition really works.

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    Partnership on AI

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    Associations & Organisations

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  • Contributed expertise

    Content, Copywriting, Editing, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographic, Motion Graphics, Sketching, Storyboarding, UI/UX, Visualization

  • Challenge

    Computers are different. You have to understand how they work to approach them with a positive fundamental attitude. This applies in particular to such a personal matter as facial recognition using artificial intelligence (AI). This is why, for the international initiative Partnership on AI, we explained how algorithms use faces using points, distances, and other variables to calculate faces and identify people.

  • Results

    We integrated animations, interactive elements to try out, and powerful illustrations into a blog post that explains facial recognition through AI and key terminology such as ‘verification’ and ‘identification’. Our designers, user experience experts, and coders create a [visual story] here "PoAI Facial recognition systems" that meaningfully connects the technical possibilities with visualization – optimized for mobile devices and with graphics that also work in social media.

Infographic animations as a fitting means to show how algorithms behave

Phase 1


Facial verification, facial identification, false positive, false negative: understanding the language of algorithms.

To be able to have a constructive discussion in society about the importance and role of algorithmic facial recognition systems, we have to all speak the same language. The room for interpretation cannot be too great especially when dealing with complex terminology, which is why we first defined the most important terms and ordered them chronologically for clarification on the website.

Phase 2


Phase 3


Partnership on AI wants everybody to understand subjects like face detection.

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