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Open Leaders Circle

Data show for top-class performers

How a visual live performance became the number one conversation starter.

  • Client

    Open Leaders Circle

  • Industry


  • Year


  • Contributed expertise

    Brand Experience, Content, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Visualization

  • Challenge

    The Open Leaders Circle gave us complete creative licence when they asked us how they can entertain the participants of their networking event in a way that encourages them to talk to each other. The task was to create a genuine topic of conversation for the evening. The one condition: we had to factor in a 52-square-metre screen in our ideas.

  • Results

    We visualized in the form of data how the participants were connected to each other—and the story became who worked when for which company. The animation became a data show and made an impressive aesthetic display of the network of networkers on the big screen with interesting content: ‘You used to work for Bosch?!’ The data thus became a real topic of conversation.

We comb through public data for relationships—to then visualise the stories behind them.

Phase 1


Which idea fits the context?

We first defined the components and objectives that make up the challenge: a very big screen. An event that is meant to encourage networking. And the expectation of creating something visually outstanding that is worth talking about and that carries the evening. Under this premise, our data scientists got to work.

Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Data can be experienced emotionally for people in the form of stories

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