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Illustrations for a study for the Erwin Hymer Group

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    Erwin Hymer Group

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    Brand Experience, Content, Digital Art, Editing, Graphic Design, Icon Design, Illustration, Infographic, Motion Graphics, Sketching, Storyboarding, Visualization, Workshop

  • Challenge

    Studies are an important marketing instrument – but they lose so much of their impact if the data is prepared in a way that is hard to digest or if they aren’t visually striking. This is precisely what the Erwin Hymer Group hopes to avoid as the company compiles new numbers on the caravanning culture in Europe. So how can facts be used to be emotionally persuasive?

  • Results

    To highlight the importance of the numbers for people, we opt for the most human illustration style possible: watercolour drawings done by hand. They exude warmth and therefore fit in perfectly with the emotional context at hand – because caravanning is all about relaxation, feeling good, and being human. The illustrations turn the Hymer study into a real attention-grabber.

Caravanning is all about feeling good. Thanks to the illustrations, the Hymer study also conveys this feeling.

Phase 1


Understanding the objectives and target groups of the study

First, we get a precise picture of the context in which the illustrations will appear: Which messages need to have which effect among which target group?

Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Familiar and yet inspiring: our realistic illustrations for Hymer.

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