A systematic partnership

In collaboration with DIE ZEIT, a first-class infographic journalistic style comes to life.

  • Client


  • Industry

    Media and marketing

  • Year


  • Contributed expertise

    Content, Digital Art, Infographic, Sketching, Storyboarding, Visualization, Copywriting, Editing, Editorial Design, Illustration, Systemization

  • Challenge

    To do justice to the expectations of their readers and to remain on the cutting edge, DIE ZEIT regularly needs high-quality infographics for its column Grafik. At the same time, Germany’s largest weekly magazine is looking for a system to make itself independent with regard to infographics.

  • Results

    As part of a five-year partnership, we produce dozens of infographics for DIE ZEIT—which are even published in a book. Additionally, we create an infographic system that the designers in the publishing department can use to make their own graphics that are on-brand.

The insights are in the details

Phase 1


From research to style

We research even the smallest details so that infographics and text are a perfect complement to one another. We are guided by the era and design to make the infographics as precise and close to the topic as possible.

Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Perfect match: Stories and exciting visuals complement each other.

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