Visualisations for more effective therapies

We design information materials that build confidence in people with memory problems.

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    Clienia AG

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    Health and social services

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    Brand Experience, Content, Copywriting, Digital Art, Editing, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Icon Design, Illustration, Infographic, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Service Design, Sketching, Storyboarding, UI/UX, Visualization, Workshop

  • Challenge

    The private clinics in Switzerland belonging to the Clienia Group offer consultation for people who want to determine whether they are suffering from cognitive limitations or dementia. As many of these older individuals are worried, it is crucial to strengthen their trust regarding doctors and examination methods. Because patients who can trust and who actively participate benefit from more effective therapy.

  • Results

    Understanding is key to being able to trust, which is why the doctors use the so-called memory consultation to explain to their patients what the course of the examination looks like. Our visualizations of the individual steps help in this regard not only during the first consultation, but the patients can also take the brochure home with them to read through everything again at their own pace. In addition, we devised an app which helps clarify which doctors are involved during which phases of examination.

Easy-to-understand imagery for a target group with cognitive limitations

Phase 1


Understanding the challenges of doctor–patient communication

By interviewing the treating doctors who carry out the memory consultation, we not only learned what happens on the different days and at the different stations of the examination, but we also found out where the particular communicative challenges lie. Because the examination starts with an open question – ‘What is going on with me?’ – and comes to a head with a diagnosis, we chose a wedge as the visual concept.

Phase 2


Phase 3


We adapt the visualizations to the specific target group of people with cognitive limitations.

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