On the hunt with ARTE

We use ‘scrollytelling’ to accompany investigative reports from ARTE

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  • Industry

    Media and marketing

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  • Contributed expertise

    Content, Illustration, Sketching, Copywriting, Digital Art, Editing, Graphic Design, Infographic, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics, UI/UX, Visualization

  • Challenge

    Three investigative journalists use a GPS transmitter to trace the journey of old electronic devices from the scrap dealer in Hamburg to Ghana. The relationship between places, dates, and information is unclear. How can we tell this multilayer story in an informative and exciting way?

  • Results

    The solution is a multimedia 'scrollytelling' format that clearly shows the journey of the scrap and its data traces on a map. Using a zoom function, the readers can take a closer look at the places involved. Appealing data visualizations support the story.

The answer to a big question is hidden within the data: who is behind the international black market for electronics scrap?

Phase 1


Analysis of the research materials

We look at the waves of pictures, information and films that arise from the research of the authors' team and the long journey of the GPS transmitter.

Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Due to the scrollytelling format the readers dive deep into the story.

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