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For Adidas, we got to the visual heart of a complex benefits programme.

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    Textile, Fashion & Lifestyle

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    Graphic Design, Brand Experience, Campaign, Content, Copywriting, Editing, Editorial Design, Icon Design, Illustration, Sketching, Storyboarding, Strategy, Visualization

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    Adidas wants to give its employees flexibility and the ability to plan for major decisions. For things that may take some time. Starting a family? Caring for a loved one? A year of sabbatical? Early retirement? To this end, Adidas developed a core benefits programme that, although it involves a certain degree of complexity, was meant to excite as many employees as possible.

  • Results

    We reduced the complexity of the core benefits programme to the essentials and visualized it with a sporty theme (Adidas!) in a motivating manner to encourage as many employees as possible to register. The central motif of a running track represented the path of life and the possibilities of the programme in a brochure, on posters, and for digital applications.

This key visual ties in with the infographic – and not only looks good, but also conveys the core message.

Phase 1


What did the works council and HR experts think up here?

So that we could refine it later on, we first took a close look at the raw content: we became little experts ourselves in employee contributions, lifelong working-time accounts, and pension plans. This is the only way we could decide the information that needed to be a part of the core and which pieces of information were perhaps not so important.

Phase 2


Phase 3


The key visual also motivates employees on their way through the office.

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