Taisia Tikhnovetskaya

“Sapera gives me both: Design and fresh input”

Taisia, what games do you play on your couch?

Computer games. No matter whether it’s Witcher or Zelda—the main thing is that it has a great storyline! I get lots of my inspiration for work from gaming.

How so?

I think it’s great when a game’s design allows you to really immerse yourself in the narrative. When there’s another layer to it, with something to impart. I spend most of my time illustrating. And that’s also where I try and integrate this layer and tell a story. For example, if I’m drawing a picnic scene, I don’t just want to illustrate a stock photo. I want to evoke some sort of emotion in the viewer. Whether it’s a picnic scene or a customer presentation—everything has to have soul.

Taisia on curiosity:

It’s essential in order to be inspired and captivated by something

And what else are you up to?

Okay, so obviously I’m a designer. But I’m also a classically trained musician. I have been playing the violin and piano since I was a child. I am also a crow whisperer—I tame them with peanuts in the park. I like spending time with them. Sometimes I almost prefer their company to that of humans. I do like to socialize a little, though. (Laughs.) And I’m childish—just your average game-playing couch potato, in other words.

What do you need in order to work well?

My gadgets! iPad, screens, sketchbook, media. My bookshelf is full of art books. And tough nuts to crack: I need input, something to think about, new things.

“Whether it’s a picnic scene or a customer presentation—everything has to have soul.”

And Sapera provides you with tough nuts?

Yes! To be honest, when I was doing my degree in communication design, I had always felt a little lost. The course was super-cool, but I missed being intellectually stimulated. The discovery of new things outside the world of design. I always carried non-fiction books around with me. Books on genetics, behavioural biology, that kind of thing. Sapera gives me both: design and fresh input. I am always learning, from my colleagues, during projects. I am always encountering new things that fascinate me.

What led you to Sapera?

After my degree, I worked on my portfolio. To do this I needed some books, which I bought second-hand. I bought them from the person who is now my Art Director. When he handed them over to me, I was so thrilled with the wonderful infographics books and the different topics that he wrote to me a month later, asking me if I wanted to apply for a job.

What else do you like about Sapera – apart from design and fresh input?

The mindset of my colleagues here. People often used to look at me strangely when I talked about my interests. Here, the people are interested, open-minded, curious. And respectful. I feel welcomed. Then it doesn’t matter if things occasionally get a bit stressful. In fact, that’s when I enjoy my work the most. When you go down this tunnel together and have to get something done. And, by the end, you have created something great – something that really hits the mark!

Taisia Tikhnovetskaya

By the way, Taisia doesn’t believe in the creative spark. Her method: Combining, changing, and pushing on until you get a cool result. And when that happens, Taisia likes to share it:


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