Nur Aishah Binte Iskandar

“I’m a bit like a dandelion”

Aishah, how did you end up at Sapera?

Well, it essentially just happened. Or rather, it was meant to happen. I’m a bit like a dandelion – I like to go with the flow, and I’m curious about the world. I'm originally from Singapore, where I was working without a break. So, I decided to take a sabbatical and travelled. During my travels, I got a call from a friend wondering if I had any interest working in Berlin. I did and got my first job here in this city. My role was similar to the one I had in Singapore, so after a while I decided it was time for a change - and I ended up at Sapera.

What do you do at Sapera?

I’m a data analyst: I take care of digital media, marketing, and advertising. Basically, I use data to solve business problems, but I also play the role of a sort of intermediary at Sapera. People come to me and say: “Look, this and that is my problem and this is how I would solve it. But is there may be another way that would enable us to use more or other data?”

Aishah on data:

Problem, path, solution

What else do you work on?

Currently, for example, I’m working on ways to expand the Sapera offering. I am taking a look at different tools, take care of getting us access, and investigate potential sources of data. Then I evaluate the stability of the tools. Once that’s done, the real work starts: Using the tools for research and testing. At the moment, however, I’m still in the phase of finding tools and putting them to the test. That’s an important phase because it’s the foundation upon which everything else is built.

“I see things and I want to know: Why are things the way they are?"

Why did you become a data analyst?

My curiosity, once again. I see things and want to know: Why are things the way they are? Is there a reason for it, a connection to something else? I had also always had an affinity for computers. My father thought I would become a programmer. I’m also very interested in robotics. I want to know how things work.

What does that have to do with data?

Data can also give us insights into how things work and why they are the way they are. That is why they are also good for getting to the bottom of complex relationships. Data clearly shows you the problem, the path to a solution, and the result. The good thing is that data is everywhere – you don’t even have to look for them. You only have to know what you need. You can just ignore the rest.

What else motivates you?

Well, not money. Money is great, don’t get me wrong. But what really motivates me is that I’m ambitious and I need an objective. I’m not even thinking of something specific – but it’s important for me to have an objective in mind. Even if it’s just to be better than I was yesterday (laughs).

Nur Aishah Binte Iskandar

Aishah says that she didn’t have any expectations when she came to Berlin – above all, she was just curious. She found Sapera, an open atmosphere, and space to develop herself.

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