Mary Michel Rizk

“UI design is always a collaboration”

Mary, you speak four languages. How did you manage that?

I grew up in Australia and Lebanon. English is my native language, and I learned Arabic and French in school. So I speak these languages very well. I moved to Germany in 2015, so I started learning German.

What do you do when you’re not at Sapera?

I am a huge fan of podcasts and books; I also regularly post recommendations at Sapera on our inspirations channel on Slack. For a little balance, I exercise, for example with HIIT, “high-intensity training”. Before the coronavirus pandemic, I went to a UX/UI meetup nearly every month. I love learning from other people. It’s great to come back with some new knowledge.

Mary about community:

Dedication, knowledge, self-discovery

Do you apply anything you learn to your work?

Definitely! Let’s take the sport as an example: when I do a HIT workout, then I know that I will be doing three rounds of exercise without any breaks in between. That makes 28 minutes of intense training. This forward-looking thought process helps me have more stamina. When I am working on a task, I see it through to the end.

What does good UI design mean to you?

Communication is the key – in every respect! I can’t say that often enough. UI design is a part of you that’s actually bigger than you. UI design is never a heroic feat of a single person, but rather always a collaboration. I think this is why I love it so much.

"When I am working on a task, I see it through to the end.”

How did you find your way to Sapera?

I once gave a lecture at an Editorial Design Conference in Munich about my master’s project: a digital communication tool for citizen reporting during terror incidents. Well, I met someone from Sapera there (it was still called the Infographics Group at the time). It was interesting what she had to say ... so I applied for an open position and was hired straight away. Berlin calling!

What’s the most interesting thing to you about your work?

Definitely the culture at Sapera! The energy within the team, the dynamic. I like being open so that I can provide my team with the best possible support. That’s really the most important thing to me.

Mary Michel Rizk

Since the summer of 2019, Mary Michel Rizk has been a UI designer at Sapera. For her master’s degree, she wrote a digital communication tool that citizens can use to report terrorist attacks to the police.

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