Katja Funnell

“I’m the company’s fire extinguisher.”

Katja, what do you get up to when you’re not at Sapera?

I take care of my cat Wilma and I start new projects. Last year, I made barefoot shoes, then I sewed purses. Then I restored old furniture and painted it with chalk paints. I really like doing things like that.

Barefoot shoes?

Yes, I was having foot pain and I informed myself about joints. Barefoot shoes are supposed to help,but they’re quite expensive. So I started to develop my own design and I bought the soles, vegetable-tanned leather, and natural adhesives.

Katja about her boss

Eagle-eyed, tranquil, human

People are always wanting something from you – you have to solve problems every day that you never could have imagined. How do you handle that?

I love it. This is the first job since my apprenticeship where I said after a month: I’m home. And that’s surely also down to our boss; he’s someone with a feel for the details and a relaxed and calm nature.The team welcomed me with open arms and they are so multifaceted and unique that you just can’t help but be fond of them.

"I bought some soles, vegetable-tanned leather, and natural adhesives.”

What do you do at Sapera exactly?

The better question is what don’t I do. I manage appointments for Chris, team events, see to the office, and the subtenants. I make sure that everyone in the team feels at ease. I’m also the company’s fire extinguisher. I recognize problems early on and I always have the water at the ready. So – as a “firefighter” – I think it’s acceptable that, every once in a while, there is a little water damage (laughs).

What skills do you need to coordinate everything?

It’s all about looking beyond the end of your own nose and making sure that everyone’s on board. That also means making quick decisions – and I’m in multitasking mode a lot of the time. But it’s important to always remain calm and friendly along the way.

Katja Funnell

As Executive Assistant to the CEO, Katja’s role is to support Chris. As the office manager, she ensures that our office works seamlessly. She keeps our team in line, but she’s also the best source for little acts of kindness along the way.

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