Ahmed AbdelHalim

“Sustainability sometimes requires complexity”

Ahmed, what do you like about your work at Sapera?

My job is challenging, and that’s what I like best about it. During programming, it’s all about precisely what Sapera has tasked itself with: making use of complexity, developing simple solutions, and making information easily comprehensible – at all levels. And I have fun taking on this challenge.

How do you approach this challenge?

My tasks include, for example, programming websites for clients in such a way that the client is able to operate and maintain them themselves without a lot of effort. In principle, I do something very similar to what our designers do when they simplify things using graphics and visualizations: I take something complex and put it into an easily accessible form. Everything in life strives to do this, really.

Ahmed on complexity:

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What do you mean?

Every system strives for simplification and tries to dissolve chaos or – as I mentioned – to give complexity a structure. And that for the long term. Sustainability is an important topic for my work in any case when programming.

„It’s like any other aspect of life: if something is important to you, then you get it done."

What does sustainable programming look like?

Software can be compared to plastic in the ocean: the small parts don’t initially appear to make a difference – and then suddenly there are tonnes of waste just floating around. Many programs waste time and resources, overloading us with wasted data and information. In this regard, I attempt to find other, more sustainable paths. Sometimes that’s not very easy and can come into conflict with simplification, because sustainability sometimes requires complexity. In this case, the challenge becomes finding the sweet spot in the middle. That’s what I’m working on.

And you are able to do this at Sapera?

Yes, definitely. At Sapera, the sustainability of a project is crucial and is always taken into consideration. We have to work hard for this – sustainable products don’t just happen. But it’s like any other aspect of life: if something is important to you, then you get it done. Sustainably.

Ahmed AbdelHalim

Ahmed has worked at Sapera as a Senior Backend Developer since 2018. Building sustainable software is important to him – because software has more to do with plastic in the ocean than one might think.


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