About us

We apply digital technologies to solve creative challenges

We offer an alternative to old habits. Sapera is the place where people from all over the world come together to work towards finding the solutions of tomorrow.

What we do

We take on communicative, creative, and business challenges using packaged services which we offer in a new manner – in modules and at fixed prices. With us, you can shop for a brand design system online almost as easily as you can buy clothes. And because we employ standardization and automation, our customers benefit from a new level of process quality: they can view and manage the progress of their projects at any time using tools to inform themselves. In doing so, our data-informed approach not only leads to meaningful efficiency and makes scalability a reality – we also learn important lessons from the data. Where others still make decisions based on gut feelings, we take an evidence-based approach. Sapera is also no agency in the classical sense, but rather a place where creative experts from around the world work seamlessly together. This connectivity results not only in new forms of community, but also in complex teams which solve complex problems. Simply.

What matters to us

Our mission and vision

Facts about Sapera

  • 14

    years of experience

  • 100+

    Prizes and awards

  • 10

    renowned partners

  • 43

    permanent employees

Our history

First getting to the bottom of complex relationships, then graduating to larger formats, and now developing an entirely new approach – the Sapera way.

2007 - 2012

Setting benchmarks with infographics

The world was growing increasingly complex and Jan Schwochow recognized that one could explain it especially well through infographics. He founded Golden Section Graphics – and, together with his team, won his first prestigious awards (Malofiej, ADC, SND). A partnership for an infographics section in ZEIT magazine was launched, with the New York Times also buying our visualizations. And we animated Germany’s key economic indicators for a business summit with Angela Merkel.

2012 - 2017

Developing new formats

2017 – present

Making complexity work

Management team

Our many years of experience gained working in agencies and consulting firms have shown us one thing above all: it is high time we paved a new way. So we cut loose the old habits and developed Sapera. The place where customers and experts can work together without hurdles, because we offer the right infrastructure for it and we constantly develop it further. Always driven by technology and informed by data.

Creative strategy and execution, now hassle-free. Start with Sapera today!

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